Photo World Day and International Day of Peace : what difference ?

World Day and International Day of Peace : what difference ?

“I declare that I will establish peace in this world”, said Prem Rawat. Indeed, he isa messenger of peace, who wanted and still wants peace around the world,he admits how important peace is for everyone and for the society. Now, because of Peace needs, there are days dedicated to it: World Day and International Day of Peace. However, what is the difference between them?

Similar but not identical

World Day of Peace

It's a Catholic institution. Actually, it invites the whole world to celebrate World Peace Day on January 1. Since it was established in 1968, at the instigation of the Pope at the time, Paul VI. Since that day, the Pope gives a speech about the importance of Peace and the importance for spreading it.

This proposition to make this World Day of Peace on the 1st January is not for no reason, and therefore does not arise, in only an exclusively religious and Catholic idea, but it would like to find the support of all peace messengers. The aim is that it should be expressed in free forms, in accordance with the particular character of each of those who understand how important and beautiful is, in the varied concert of modern humanity, the agreement of the message to exalt this good fundamentalconcept which is peace.

Each year a different theme is proposed. This year, the theme is: “Peace, a path of hope: dialogue, reconciliation and ecological conversion”. Since 2005, the message of peace has always concerned ecological theme. It's the sign that if peace is wanted, the protection of the environment and of the ecology is primary.

International Day of Peace

The international day of peace, called Peace Day, is an initiative of the UN in 2001 in its resolution 55/282 of September 7, 2001. It concerns a "cease-fire" and "non-violence". So during that day, everyone in the military is required to lay down their weapons. The Organization calls for peace and the absence of every form of violence.

Actually, Peace between nations is not just a dream or a utopia but a global work to be built on a daily basis. Peace flourishes where living conditions, economic, social, cultural and religious, are acceptable to human beings. As the World Day of Peace, this days hasa special theme each year. In 2019, it was “Climate action, action for peace”. It means that the fight against the climate change is important for the aim of protecting and promoting world peace. Actually, the issue about environment, ecology and climate change is a global issue which concerns everyone and every nation.

“Peace begins in the heart of human beings”, said Prem Rawat. There is no doubt that peace is and should be a personal initiative. Nowadays, protecting the environment means protecting and promoting peace. To do so, each person is responsible toward environment because even though a global action is initiated, if each person doesn't find interests in it, it is meaningless and useless. It's understandable because a calm environment is the best condition for personal peace of mind that will lead to peace in the world.