International Day of Peace 2019

International Day of Peace 2019

International Peace Day is observed on every year on September 20 or 21. In 2019, the day was observed on September 21. The day is designed to strengthen the establishment of harmony in the society and in the world. Initially, there is a Peace Bell Ceremony, which takes place in the Peace Garden.

Then, the UN Secretary General makes a speech in front of a large audience, which consists of students from high schools and university. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, is an ambassador of peace had a talk on TV on peace day. His message was to raise public awareness that fear and courage, peace and war, are in each individual. Read and learn more about the International Peace Day 2019.

Taking “Climate Action for Peace”

The International Peace Day in 2019 focused on the courses of action to restore peace; that is why the theme is “Climate Action for Peace”. According to the main theme of the 2019 IPD, the goal is to sensitize people to take initiatives to address the issue of climate change in order to foster peace. It is obvious that the world is suffering from the disastrous consequences of global warming nowadays.

The earth temperature is rising, causing fatalities. Just in 2019, the death toll from the surge of heatwave reached almost 90 in India, and around 165 in Japan. Aside from that, other regions were faced with massive flooding, and extreme weather conditions, where cyclones, typhoons, earthquakes, and hurricanes ravaged several regions, causing thousands of human losses and other damages. As a result, the theme consists mainly inspiring people to take courses of action to do save the environment and restore peace.

Climate change, poor economic development and conflicts

The sad reality about climate change is that the number of conflicts has been soaring due to poor agricultural harvest. Owing to extreme weather conditions, turnovers from agriculture have decreased considerably, leading to the high cost of living. Additionally, crime rate has increased due to food insecurity, in remote villages as well as in big cities. On the other hand, the drying up of water sources has not only affected electricity production; it has also caused unprecedented water shortage in big cities.

People have spent long hours at night fetching for water before going back to sleep. Apart from that, rainfall has become unusually abundant, leading to flooding in lowlands and other regions. Food insecurity, water pollution, and illnesses have stricken the population, whereas millions of people were forced to leave their homes due to flooding or other natural disasters. Insecurity reigns everywhere.

Combating climate change is the way to peace

Due to the growing tensions from climate change, people have become aggressive and violent. They no longer find peace within. On the one hand, tensions from food insecurity and water shortage arise; on the other hand, the extreme weather conditions make the matter worse. The impact of heatwave and flooding on the public health is alarming. As a result, economic development has been slowing down. Therefore, it has become vital that climate change be combated to restore peace and crack down on the rising conflicts.

To crack down on climate change, raising public awareness is essential. Every individual plays a key role in reducing the devastating impacts of climate change on earth. This could be done by changing our daily habits, which costs too much for the environment. This can include driving less and using public transportation often. It is also helpful for every individual to switch off the lights when they leave a room. In addition, it is crucial to stop practicing slash-and-burn agriculture, or burn fossil fuels. If every citizen actively contributes to such courses of action, it is possible to reduce climate change.